About Us

31 Years in Jewellery

Since 1990

Marv Chony is a graduate jeweller that has worked in Jewellery for over 47 years. Marv Chony Jewellery specializes in custom jewellery and has been serving customers in the Thunder Bay area for more than 31 years. With excellent craftsmanship and the latest custom design technologies, we can turn your ideas into jewellery that will be worn everyday for years to come.    

Only the Best

Jewellery To Perfection

Perfecting Custom Jewellery doesn’t happen over night. We start by assisting you with picking your diamonds or gems. Then we work together to create the perfect design for your jewellery. We make sure are customers are 100% satisfied with the design and provide all our customers with an accurate quote before we go ahead with the design. The completed custom jewellery piece is usually completed within a very short time frame of up to 4 weeks.